Thursday, April 14, 2011

April 10th, 2011 Theme: Aubergine

Jean said:

All my dreams I dream in Aubergine.

Now what is aubergine say you my dear?

Why mother it is the color of the sky at dusk and a dahlias blush.

Ah, my love your aubergine may be that of dreams but it appears that through the years we called it simpley purple.

Tag should be aubergine and contain a vintage girl image.No previously made tags from your stash please.

Brigitte Vosgien

Cynthia Stevens - Front

Cynthia Stevens - Back

March 27th, 2011 Theme: Small, mini, diminutive, wee

Jean said:

For this challenge we will be doing a pair of small tags.

This tag should be smaller than the standard luggage tag. Such as a price tag or small gift tag.

Color scheme is up to you.

Please add at least one diminutive element.

This can be a tiny stamped image, a button, a brad, beads or any vintage or recycled item. Can't wait to see the art!

Lynda Gilchuk - next 6 tags

Brigitte Vosgien
Cynthia Stevens

Teresa Hall

March 13th, 2011 Theme: Black and White

Jean Said:

What could be more classic than black and white?

This pair has stood the test of time and is still an all time favorite in the art and fashion world.

What do you think of with this color combination?

Black and white photos? Zebras? Chocolate cake with white icing?

This tag should feature the black and white color scheme. Please add a vintage image and some sort of dangling charm.

Can't wait to see your twist on this old standard.

Brigitte Vosgien

Lynda Gilchuk

Cynthia Stevens - Front

Cynthia Stevens - Back

Jean E. Roman

March 20th, 2011 Theme: Old Book Tag

Jean Says:

Books are something every artist loves.

If you don't read them at least you have figured out a way to use them in your art.

Whether it is using the cover for a base or tearing out pages to print on or embellish with.

This challenge is for you to use books or book text in an interesting and creative way.

It could be a catchy book mark for your favorite novel. Or a fancy collage tag.

Color, size, focal point is up to you. Just have fun and keep it new. No a previously made tags from your stash. Art on!

Cynthia Stevens

Cynthia Stevens

Josie Hancock

March 6th, 2011 Theme: Buttons

Jean says:

Buttons! Buttons! Buttons! I love buttons!

Lets make a button tag. I would love to see a fancy button grace your tag this challenge.

You can sew it on, glue it on or thread it on the fibers.

The only specs for this challenge is that you must use at least one button.

New tag, no pre-made from your stash.

Cynthia Stevens - Tag Front

Cynthia Stevens - Tag Back

Josie Hancock - Tag Front

Josie Hancock - Tag Back

Wendy Kirk - Tag Front