Saturday, September 10, 2011

August 28th Theme: Castle tag book

Jean: "Everyone enjoyed making tag books a month or so ago, So lets do it again.

Tag book should be 3 least.

Embellished with a castle theme.

One handmade flower must embellish the front cover."

Cynthia Stevens

August 21, 2011 theme: Veggies

Jean: "Colorful garden variety veggies please!

This is the time for county fairs and canning garden vegetables.

Please design a tag with colorful background and a veggie theme. "

Cynthia Stevens

August 14, 2011 Lilacs and lace

Jean: "Feel free to break out the pastel paints on this one!
I would love to seem some beautiful lilacs or lilac colored tags. "

Cynthia Stevens

August 7, 2011 Victorian Velvet Tag

Jean:"For this tag I would love to see some dreamy velvet.  You can achieve this anyway you like.  Use velvet to make a flower, or a little girls dress, or maybe a velvet ribbon.  I think the flocked papers feel a lot like velvet too!

Please make this in a Victorian style.  Add an image and accent your tag with a charm or dangle."

Brigitte Vosgien
 Cynthia Stevens
 Tee (Teresa) Hall